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Events Around the World

iiRDS is gaining a lot of attention around the world. Therefore, it is one of our utmost concerns to bring the topic to interested parties directly and inform about the standard and its newest developments accordingly. Events are the perfect opportunity to do so.

With presenting at events all around the world, we aim at bringing together people from diverse backgrounds that are united with their interest in iiRDS. Thereby, lively discussions and an exchange of experiences can be ensured. Get to know all our recent events and how iiRDS is traveling around the world. Chances are good that there is an event near to you where you can experience iiRDS live.

Here, you can see all upcoming events.

tcworld China

On the Road to Success with iiRDS


Conference: May 15-16, Shanghai, China

Evolution of TC

Intelligent Information for Smart Users


Conference: May 31 - June 1, Sofia, Bulgaria

MadWorld Conference

Intelligent Information for Smart Users


Conference: September 12-14, Prague, Czech Republic