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Press Review

iiRDS is widely acclaimed - over regional as well as international borders, the standard attracts attention. On this page, you can find various articles and press reports that have been published (German and English). 

These are not all articles there are to find on the web, but just a small selection, ordered by their date of publication, starting with the most recent.

kothes Blog

Episode 4.0: iiRDS
oder: Das Streben nach Standardisierung


Published: February 27, 2018

tcworld News

iiRDS: Consortium for future development founded


Published: February 2018

parson AG Wissensartikel

iiRDS – der aktuelle Stand zur tekom-Herbsttagung 2017


Published: December 19, 2017

Empolis Information Management // parson AG Webinar

Machen Sie Ihre technische Dokumentation intelligent


Published: December 11, 2017

Intelligent Information Blog

Schema Blog

Mit iiRDS in eine neue Doku-Welt


Published: October 13, 2017

doctima Blog