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iiRDS Training

The iiRDS Training should have been on-site...

...but just as we were inviting the participants to the tekom headquarter in Stuttgart, corona came and made on-site events impossible for an indefinite time.

tekom and the two designated trainers therefore changed the iiRDS Training into a blended learning course including live web sessions, quizzes, assignments, self-study and studying in small groups. The first iiRDS Training took place online in June 2020. Not just the content and the learnings that could be achieved within two weeks, but also the training format was convincing to the training participants. We want to offer this training to you in the near future.

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What iiRDS Training participants said

"This course boosted my knowledge in understanding the iiRDS concepts. Because of the extensive feedback to our final assignment, this was the first time I really understood how to correctly model an ontology, in this case the iiRDS ontology." (Sabine Mahr, wordbsign)

"The course provided a holistic overview on iiRDS as a new industry standard, its mission and enablement capabilities to transform information into knowledge management within a digitized world while it´s abilities for adoption and enhancements have also been explained very well." (André Schlotz, SDL)

Contents and Organization of the iiRDS Training

The iiRDS Online Training is split into several topics which are clustered in self-study slots and group study slots. Participants have to solve quizzes and hand in exercises to the trainers which are then corrected and given back with extensive individual feedback.

In live web meetings, questions around the topic could be discussed and lectures were held. The training material is available for the participants afterwards.

The following contents were the main topics:

Topic 1: Introduction to smart content and iiRDS

Topic 2: The metadata model of iiRDS

Topic 3: The iiRDS package format

Topic 4: iiRDS and other standards

Topic 5: Toolchain and systems for iiRDS

Topic 6: iiRDS in companies

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